This website is under construction

Hello, my name is Andrew Ford.
Currently a pre-freshman at Minneapolis Community and Technical College to become rather credible for a background of my skills - and to learn others that I'd like to learn. While I'm in school, I do also plan to get a teaching degree and also become very educated to try and get a job at the CIA, FBI, DoD, etc... any government agency that is hiring aspired and ambitious young minds.
I am the founder of this soon to be business that I happily had chosen to call 3rDay Tech Corp. Although I am still in freelance mode.

Right now, I ask that everyone is patient with me. I'm having one very hard time coming up with written content for every page.

If you are a small business or freelancer or a graphic artist, who needs an informative website or a web portfolio to show off your awesome work. Apologizes to the rest of the uncovered audiance, but my skills can only go so far for now.
Until Labor day, I have a deal going on for $99 website service. $49 if you need your website updated/adjusted.